Drill Casings

Ogden Transteel are also suppliers of used and surplus casing, this is supplied to civil engineers and piling contractors for ground stabilization.

We are continually searching for supplies of this product in order to keep constant stocks of the most popular casing sizes of 139.7, 168.3, 177.8, 244.5, 339.7 mm diameter casing.

We have supplied small scale projects from 5 lengths of 139.7 mm to a marina that required over 10,000 meters of 339.7 mm casing tube.

The casing tubes supplied are surplus from oil and gas fields all over the world and come in various grades from Carbon to Chrome.

These tubes can be used for top driven and bottom  driven piling in either permanent or temporary piling projects.

We understand the needs of customers in this challenging and fast paced market and we have proven to be consistently fast, flexible and a quality partner to work with.

If you have any surplus parcels remaining whether the casings were purchased from us or not then please let us know and we will gladly offer a purchase price.