Road Plates

We are the UK’s largest supplier of both plain and anti skid steel road plates to the construction and plant hire markets.

Any size and thickness that is required can be supplied.

Bespoke branding and finishing

  • A wide range of protective paint finishes and customisation options are available with all road plates
  • Identification marks and Company Name welding is available

Over 20 Colours Available

  • Skid Resistant finishes in a choice of over 20 colours

Rocbinda High Friction Surfacing System

  • Tough, long lasting products

UK Manufactured National Delivery

  • HAPAS & BBA approved materials
  • Rapid national delivery

Road Plate Stock

Ogden Transteel Ltd are the U.K’s largest supplier of both Plain and anti skid steel road plates to the construction and plant hire markets.

Steel Plates
Non treated road crossing plates are available in a wide range of specifications. All our steel road plates are complete with anchorage points.
Anti Skid Plates
Anti Skid Road Crossing Plates are designed to be used as a road surface for traffic and pedestrians. We specialise in sale options.
Branding & Customisation
We have a range of Anti-Skid finishes available as well as offering a welded ID service. Spray painted logos can be provided alongside over 20 various coloured aggregates.

Road Plate Guide

This short guide on steel road plates provides you step by step guidance from specification and fabrication through handling and installation to storage and transportation.

Steel road plates are normally supplied in 8 foot x 4 foot however any other size and thickness that is required can be supplied.

The anti-skid road plates that we supply are coated with a 1 – 3 mm Bauxite that is both BBA type 1 and HAPAS approved and has been used successfully on our highway network for over 10 years.

All our road plates are now manufactured from new steel plates that are sourced from Western European steel mills this helps to ensure consistent quality of product.

Road plate deliveries are carried out throughout the UK and we can provide lorries with Hiabs to help on site if handling is a concern.

Road plates are normally used to cover temporary excavations in the highways network to assist with the flow of traffic when work is not being carried out.

Plate identification marks can be welded onto the plates or we can spray paint your company logo onto the top of plates.

Ogden Transteel Ltd are also pleased to offer a bolt fixing system that fits into the lifting holes of the plates. These bolts secure the road plates to the road’s surface and are offered with either a plastic dome cap or a metal cap that fits nearly flush to the plate.